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Women’s Media Company

In our brand design process for the women’s media company, we embarked on a creative journey to capture the essence of a moody and bold aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant atmosphere of Los Angeles and the laid-back yet modern vibe of California, we set out to create a visually captivating identity that perfectly embodies their unique personality.

To achieve the desired moody tones, we carefully curated a color palette that includes deep and rich hues. The incorporation of dark blues, purples, and earthy tones added a sense of intrigue and sophistication. These colors, combined with bold accents, set the stage for a visually striking brand.

To infuse the design with a fun and modern feel, we focused on creating dynamic and playful elements. Using sleek typography and clean lines, we achieved a contemporary aesthetic that resonates with the target audience. By carefully balancing the moody tones with vibrant pops of color and unexpected elements, we added an element of excitement and energy to the overall brand experience.

Throughout the process, we paid close attention to ensuring that the brand design remained true to the spirit of Los Angeles and California. By incorporating elements that reflect the city’s unique style and culture, we aimed to create a brand that not only captures attention but also resonates deeply with the audience, evoking a sense of familiarity and belonging.

In collaboration with the women’s media company, we brought their vision to life, delivering a brand design that exudes the moody and bold aesthetic they desired, while embracing the fun and modern spirit of Los Angeles and California. Together, we created a visually captivating identity that sets them apart in the competitive media landscape.


From fashion to business to lifestyle, Kin Lottie is ready to reshape entertainment for the modern woman who wants it all. Our mission is to revolutionize the women’s magazine & media industry as it currently stands. With our core values of quality, passion, and impact, Kin Lottie educates its readers on all things they love. Finally, someone gets it.

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